The 10th Anniversary Of The Belt And Road Initiative

The 10th Anniversary Of The Belt And Road Initiative, Structural Reinforcement

2023-12-18 14:57:41

Why Won't The Columns Of A 100-story Building Be Crushed?

Why Won't The Columns Of A 100-story Building Be Crushed?

2022-07-19 15:16:59

How To Retrofit And Strengthen The Old Factory Building?

How to retrofit and strengthen the old factory building?

2021-04-07 14:51:29

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer retrofit for columns

carbon fiber for columns

2020-07-20 17:42:21

International carbon fiber distributors-Horse Construction

Shanghai Horse Construction Co., Ltd is a leading professional manufacturer of structural reinforcement materials in China. Its main products are carbon fiber materials and all kinds of epoxy resin adhesive. We are looking for a distributor or agent in your country, join us!

2020-04-17 16:22:15

Carbon fiber sheet reinforced pipes

FRP composite materials mainly include glass fiber composite materials, carbon fiber composite materials and aramid fiber composite materials. Carbon fiber sheet have been widely used because of their high strength, high modulus, low density, and good corrosion resistance.

2020-02-17 15:17:38

Rebar anchoring for structural retrofitting concrete

Structural rebar anchoring is to drill holes in the original concrete structure, insert steel bar into the hole of concrete, and inject structural glue.

2018-11-08 18:10:38

FRP material in structural reinforcement

With the development of technology, the new method of FRP reinforcement has developed from the strengthening and repair of industrial and civil buildings to the reinforcement and repair of bridges, tunnels, water conservancy projects and other special structures.

2020-04-03 11:20:25

How to reinforce cast-in-place slab openings

Holes should be looked at in specific locations. Opening holes while reducing load can generally add steel beams / cast-in-place beams, or partially wrap carbon fiber fabric.

2020-04-03 11:02:05

How to save the amount of adhesive for FRP strengthening?

When strengthening with FRP(fiber reinforced polymer composite), we should must to ensure good results, and also save cost. What should we do?

2018-09-06 16:26:06