HORSE Attended The Structural Inspection And Reinforcement Reform Meeting

Shanghai HORSE Construction attended the Fifth National Engineering Structure Testing Appraisal and Reinforcement Technology Exchange Conference

2021-01-21 14:46:01

Horse Constriction - National Code Participating Unit of CFRP

​As one of the participating units of the "Regulations" this time, Horse did a good job of participating in the editing work and actively expressed constructive opinions, which was affirmed by the editor-in-chief and the experts at the meeting. Contribute to the construction of the application standard system of FRP reinforcement on concrete bridges!

2021-01-20 14:15:20

2020 Shanghai Horse Construction Annual Report

In this very difficult year, horse construction still submitted satisfactory answers. Sales increased by 45% year-on-year. For 13 consecutive years, more than twice the growth rate of the reinforcement industry. 21% increase in new customers. Products have been sold to 60 countries around the world. More than 80,000 engineering cases. 23 new patents added. More than 30 new test items.

2021-01-20 13:58:06

Merry Christmas - HORSE Construction

Merry Christmas

2020-12-25 17:10:18

Shanghai Horse carbon fiber realizes a wide range of applications in the field of structural reinforcement

The 150-meter-long and 7-meter-wide overpass reinforced in Guizhou this time uses a total of about 4,200 meters of carbon fiber sheets. The reinforcement project also uses an efficient prestressed anchor system, which can effectively exert the high-strength characteristics of carbon fiber pultruded materials, reduce the stress and deformation of concrete structures, delay beam cracking, and increase the bearing capacity.

2020-06-24 17:32:16

12 years after the Wenchuan earthquake, did you really learn the correct posture to escape from the earthquake?

The right way to escape an earthquake 1. Keep calm and look for the triangle of life 2. Outdoor escape, away from trees, tall buildings, bridges and other places 3. Escape points, find empty places 4. Quick response, orderly evacuation

2020-05-12 14:09:23