Rebar anchoring for structural retrofitting concrete

Structural rebar anchoring is to drill holes in the original concrete structure, insert steel bar into the hole of concrete, and inject structural glue.

Rebar anchoring for structural retrofitting concrete

In recent years, the production and operation of some enterprises have changed under the influence of the market. Many houses and facilities need to be renovated to meet the needs of production and use functions. There are two ways to transform the project:

1) Without changing the main structure, the interior and exterior decoration and facilities should be reformed to meet the use requirements.

2) The main structure, decoration and facilities are comprehensively renovated to achieve the purpose of strengthening and increasing the use area.

Structural rebar anchoring is to drill holes in the original concrete structure, insert steel bar into the hole of concrete, and inject structural glue. Through the bonding of structural adhesives, the concrete hole wall and the external surface of steel bars form a firm bonding anchorage force, which relies on the bonding anchorage force to resist the pull-out force and shear force of steel bars, so as to achieve the purpose of connecting new and old structural components. Because the strength of reinforcement is greater than that of structural colloid and the strength of structural colloid is much greater than that of concrete, the bond strength between structural colloid and pore wall concrete is controlled by the strength of original concrete members.

Rebar anchoring for structural retrofitting concrete 

1.Drill hole to the diameter and depth required. The diameter must be in accordance with anchor size.

2.The drill hole must be cleaned with air blower, starting from the bottom of the hole.The drill hole mustbe thoroughly cleaned with steel brush. After brush, to use air blower to clean the drill hole again.

3.Inject resin anchor resin into the hole, starting from the bottom, while slowly drawing back the static mixer. In any case avoid entrapping air. For deep holes extension tubing can be used.

4.Insert the anchor with a rotary motion into the filled drill hole. Some adhesive must come out of the hole.

5.During the resin hardening time the anchor must not be moved or loaded.

The building renovation project is a reinforcement, reinforcement and storey upgrading project on the foundation of the building. The structure adhesive is used to expand the size and reinforcement. The new frame beam needs to be bonded with structural glue on the original structural column. The reinforcement of the frame beam is strengthened by strengthening the beam on the top surface.

The application of structural glue planting technology in the reinforcement, reinforcement and storey-adding construction of a building reconstruction project has completely met the design standards. By using this technology in construction, the construction period is shortened by 10 to 20 days, and the overall cost of the project is saved by 14,000 yuan. Through the application of planting reinforcement technology, the project has obtained good technical and economic benefits, and has been unanimously praised by owners, supervisors and design units.

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