Comparison of Two Retrofitting Methods for RC Beams

At present, there are many commonly used reinforcement methods for reinforced concrete structures. Here are two commonly used reinforcement methods for reinforced concrete beams: adhesive bonded steel plate method and externally bonded carbon fiber reinforced polymer method.

2018-05-17 15:24:05

Direct reinforcement method of concrete structure

CFRP strengthening method; Bonding steel plate reinforcement method; Enlarging the cross section method; Anchorage method; Displacement concrete method; Winding reinforcement method

2020-03-26 14:33:00

Beam bridge superstructure strengthening

There are several kinds of reinforcement and reconstruction techniques for the upper structure of girder Bridges: the expansion and increase of the original structural member section to improve the strength and stiffness of the original structure;To replace the structure of the original resistance with the new structure;The force system of the original structure is changed to reduce the force of the original structure.The prestressing force is applied to the original structure to improve the force performan

2020-03-26 13:38:31

Rehabilitation of RC beam-column joints using carbon fiber

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer(CFRP) retrofitting frame beam;Floor opening-carbon fiber reinforced polymer(CFRP) retrofitting;Slab crack-carbon fiber reinforced polymer(CFRP) retrofitting;Brick and wall-carbon fiber reinforced polymer(CFRP) retrofitting

2020-03-26 13:41:33

The difference between FRP strengthening and bonded steel plate

According to the design of equal strength, the glue dosage of the two schemes is equivalent. The FRP strengthening are much cheaper than the sticky steel plate. The cost of the two schemes is flat when short carbon fiber fabric are taken.

2020-03-26 14:11:44

What is retrofitting? why need retrofitting?

Retrofitting, refers to inadequate reliability or owner for higher reliability of the bearing structure, component part and its related to enhance, local replacement or adjustment measures such as its internal force, to make it with the current design specification and the owner required safety, durability and applicability.

2020-05-28 09:39:13

Advantages and disadvantages of steel plate strengthening

the construction of steel plate strengthened is economical and reasonable. Because of the rapid construction, the construction time is avoided or reduced, and the reinforcement material is saved. Compared with other reinforcement methods, the cost of reinforcement of beam and stick steel is greatly saved

2020-03-25 11:07:25

Solution of poor bond strength between steel plate and concrete

The gap between steel plate and concrete is not uniform, and the injection speed is too fast,so poor bond strength between steel plate and concrete

2020-03-25 11:07:59

Structural Strengthening Material Selection Guide

Structural Strengthening material​ selection: Reinforcing materials should be selected as lightweight and high-strength materials with good working properties.

2020-05-28 09:40:46

The methods for strengthening bridge superstructure

In general, there are several ways in the superstructure strengthening of bridge 1. CFRP reinforcement method 2. Bonded steel plate (tendons) reinforcement method 3. Prestressing FRP reinforcement method 4. Enlarging member section and reinforcing reinforcement method 5. Reinforcement method of rebars planting

2020-03-26 13:34:41