Carbon Fiber Manufacturer in China

Imported carbon wire • Advanced equipment • Strong weaving process

Carbon Fiber Supplier in China

Possess a number of German all imported smart carbon cloth weaving production line

The total cost is 50 times that of similar domestic equipment and the production efficiency is 3 times

Ensure stable quality in the weaving process and high reliability of carbon cloth

The daily production capacity of carbon cloth is 10,000 square meters, standard size, which can meet the mass shipment

The width of carbon cloth can be selected from a wider range (0.1m-1.8m), and the width can be customized

Fully automatic computer program accurately measures product size

Carbon Fiber Factory in China

Powerful weaving process makes the tension of carbon fiber cloth evenly distributed

Full computer warp and weft tension precise control system, independently developed creel bobbin

Carbon Fiber Manufacturer in China

The advanced equipment imported from Germany not only has a large output, but also can customize carbon fiber cloth with different widths to ensure stable quality during the weaving process

Products of Horse construction have spread over 50 countries and regions including UK, USA, France, Italy, Russia, New Zealand, Singapore, Brazil etc., and have been successfully applied in over 70,000 projects of civil constructions, bridges, rail way, ports etc.

Horse Construction offers 7 x 24 hours one to one service, thousands of customer resources are integrated.  

Professional calculate software, and 3D application guide video, all of these benefit the global strengthening industry. 

The Company has stock centers in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu separately and also cooperates with professional logistics partners. 

Each order can get prepared in one hour and delivered out in one day. Fast delivery is our promise to clients.

15advanced production lines

Horse Construction owns 9 advanced production lines of structural strengthening materials, including 5 intelligent machines of carbon fiber fabric made in Germany. 

The company has passed certificates of ISO 9001, CE, BV and TUV. Horse Construction cooperates with PICC insurance for continuous 7 years, 

all the products pass through 30 processes, 4 times self-inspection, 3 times re-inspection, all the properties are higher than national testing standard, and re-inspection pass rate is 100%. 

5 millionsquare meters

Horse Construction has annual capacity over 5 million square meters of carbon fiber fabric, 

6,000 tons of epoxy resin structural adhesive, 

and daily stock of carbon fiber fabric no less than 100,000 square meters and epoxy resin structural adhesive no less than 50 tons.

5000square meters

Production Base in Baoshan, Shanghai

Create an internationalized production base integrating professionalization, informatization and intellectualization.

Production base is located in Baoshan, Shanghai province with an area of 50000 square meters. Mainly producing building reinforcement materials and other high-tech products.