Carbon Fiber Strengthening, Retrofitting, and Rehabilitation of Library Structures

Some of the load-bearing capacity of columns, beams and slabs not have been sufficient due to functional changes

This is a library of a medical university

There are a total of five floors

The current height of the first floor is about 5.5 meters

It needs to dig down 80 centimeters

Dig to around 6.3 meters

Then there are two more than 3-meter mezzanine layers in the interlayer

Transformed into a training building, sample library, and doctoral workstation for the school

What you see now is a place on the first floor

If the original beams, slabs, and columns were subjected to calculations, some of the load-bearing capacity may not have been sufficient due to functional changes and require reinforcement

Divided into 5 parts in total

The columns reinforced with carbon fiber

Then the beams reinforced steel jacketing and bonded steel plate

The bottom and top of the slabs are also like this

And like this, both the top and bottom of the original slabs have already been reinforced

Now it's leveled

The leveling layer has already been poured

You can still see from this

These two lines on the edge of the beam

But it has already been poured flat

This thick area is all reinforced 

We use Horse Construction's carbon fiber sheet, steel bonding adhesive, steel jacketing adhesive, and anchor adhesive

After the steel bars are planted, make an enlarged section with two heads facing upwards by 15 centimeters

Increase the cross-section with grouting material

Changed the original indoor layout

For example, if the original room is changed to a bathroom, the capacity will increase

So the originally calculated carrying capacity is not enough

Another scenario is that this structure is an old one

Then, based on the existing specifications, review if the load-bearing does not comply with the existing specifications

Therefore, it is necessary to reinforce the structure

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