Carbon Fiber CFRP Reinforced Bridge Cracks

Carbon Fiber CFRP Reinforced Bridge Cracks

During the use of bridges, a large number of cracks have been found in the beam body, and the disease is still developing. The durability and bearing capacity of the structure are gradually decreasing, which has seriously affected driving safety.

(1) The bridge deck pavement has a large number of longitudinal and transverse cracks, as well as large-scale mesh cracks and fragmentation, resulting in reduced waterproof effect and poor driving comfort.

(2) The concrete surface of the anti-collision guardrail is severely weathered, and the metal components are generally severely corroded, with some parts showing outward tilting.

(3) The apparent quality of concrete is poor, with large areas of honeycomb and pockmarked surfaces, local holes, exposed reinforcement, and corrosion of steel bars

In response to the current disease situation of the main bridge of the bridge, the designer has formulated various maintenance and reinforcement plans. Through scheme comparison and analysis from multiple sources, it has been decided to use carbon fiber materials to strengthen the bridge.

unidirectional carbon fiber fabric cloth

Before further reinforcement, the cracks are repaired with joint sealant, and then carbon fiber is used to reinforce the bridge. Now, the cracks increase the bearing capacity.

Carbon Fiber CFRP Reinforced Bridge Cracks

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