Centennial Old School Huanxin-Shanghai University Reinforcement Reconstruction With Carbon Fiber

Centennial Old School Huanxin-Shanghai University Reinforcement Reconstruction With Carbon Fiber


Shanghai University has a history of nearly a hundred years. Teaching buildings have silently witnessed the development history of the campus for nearly a hundred years, attracting numerous teachers and students, and telling countless stories of the past spring and autumn. The facade of the building retains traces of history and brings cultural charm, while the structure of the building actually affects people's safety.

In order to protect many dilapidated teaching and dormitory buildings, the architects used a "hot water bottle for a new bladder" method to maintain the protection of the building's exterior walls and reinforce the structure inside. After the renovation, the exterior facades of the teaching building and dormitory building have been restored to their original state, reflecting an elegant sense of time, while the interior has taken on a new look. Carefully preserved historical details can be seen everywhere in the spacious and easy-to-use new space, mixing the old and new, and complementing each other.

The teaching buildings and dormitories of Shanghai University are reinforced with carbon fiber sheets, which are bonded to the surface of the components with carbon fiber impregnated adhesive to make the carbon fiber composite material and the components bear the force together, thereby improving the bearing capacity of the components. The carbon fiber sheet reinforcement method is one of the most widely used structural reinforcement technologies in the world, with obvious advantages. The carbon fiber sheet has a very light weight and hardly increases the self weight of the original structure; In addition, it is convenient for construction, can be cut at will, and has a wide range of applications.

However, the requirements for the quality of carbon fiber cloth are also high. If inferior carbon fiber cloth is used, a series of problems will often be encountered during the carbon fiber reinforcement process, resulting in substandard reinforcement effects, inconvenience to construction, and failure to pass the acceptance. At the same time, the reinforcement materials of the dormitory building accompany students' daily lives, and safety is the first priority. Some glues on the market contain harmful substances such as benzene, toluene, and xylene, and ethylene diamine is added as a curing agent, which can easily cause allergies and respiratory tract damage.

Therefore, it is important to choose high-quality carbon fiber cloth!

HORSE, as a leading domestic reinforcement material brand, selects international high-quality aviation grade carbon fiber raw materials, adopts a new hot-melt process, and introduces advanced German intelligent Donier carbon fiber weaving machines, bringing high-quality carbon cloth tailored for the project.

The safety testing report of HORSE carbon fiber cloth has passed the testing by the most authoritative national organization - National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center in the form of spot checks, and all strength indicators have exceeded the national standard by 10% to 20%. In addition, the glue matched with carbon cloth has also passed the safety test report, and the test results of the gel performance and adhesive ability of HORSE impregnated adhesive are higher than the national standard by 30% - 40%.

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