Carbon Fiber Reinforced Beams That Do Not Meet Design Requirements

Carbon fiber used for structural reinforcement of beams that do not meet the design requirements

carbon fiber retrofit beam

The design concrete strength of the concrete beams and slabs on the first floor of the school dormitory building is C30. After on-site testing and evaluation of the compressive strength of beams and slabs by the rebound method and core drilling method, the estimated mass strength of the concrete for the first layer of beams and slabs at the current age is 20.3MPa, which does not meet the design requirements, and the beams are structurally reinforced.

Because the compressive strength of concrete does not meet the design requirements; the reinforcement method is pasted with carbon fiber cloth.

Bonded carbon fiber reinforcement adopts 200g/m2

unidirectional carbon fiber

Key points of carbon fiber reinforcement construction 

【1】Basic surface treatment 

The quality of the interface treatment directly affects the reinforcement effect of the carbon fiber. Therefore, the concrete surface of the sticking part must be polished repeatedly to remove the degraded part of the concrete surface and clean it with a hair dryer before applying the underlying resin.  

【2】Carbon fiber cutting

The carbon fiber cloth is cut on site and pasted in sections. Mark the overlapping parts of the carbon fiber cloth to ensure that the length of the overlap between the carbon fiber cloth should not be less than 100mm.  

【3】Paste rolling

In the pasting process, a special roller should be used to repeatedly roll the fiber in a single direction to squeeze out the air bubbles to fully impregnate the carbon fiber with the resin.  

【4】The influence of temperature 

Pay attention to the impact of environmental temperature changes on resin curing. If the temperature is lower than required, stop construction or take necessary heat preservation measures.

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