School Building Seismic Reinforcement and Retrofitting

School Building Seismic Reinforcement and Retrofitting

Project Overview

The school building structure is mainly a frame-shear wall structure, with 7 floors above the ground (teaching space) and 2 floors underground (the first and second floors of the underground are respectively the wind and rain playground and garage). The overall construction area of the school is 25,000m2, and the structural height is 20m. Among them, the height of the first floor is 5.5m, the height of the second floor is 4.3m, and the height of the first floor is 4.4m. The school buildings are diverse in shape and rich in functions. Whether it is a flat or three-dimensional building, it is irregular. The safety level is Ⅰ, and the seismic strength is 7 degrees. Analyze the irregularities of the school building according to the existing rules. The test results are: lateral stiffness, irregular plane unevenness, and partial discontinuity of the floor

Anti-seismic Status

Analysis of the test results shows that the school's seismic mitigation, reinforcement and reconstruction work is imperative. Once an earthquake occurs, the life safety of teachers and students in the school will be a greater threat, and this will have an adverse impact on school construction and the smooth development of education and teaching. The reason is that low-cost and inferior materials were used during school construction, and construction units, schools and other departments had a weak understanding of earthquake resistance work. In the process of advancing school safety management, the operation of damping and strengthening has been formalized, and the corresponding supporting earthquake-proof measures are not in place, which will eventually increase the difficulty of the later seismic reinforcement and reconstruction work. After understanding the general situation of the school and the current status of earthquake resistance, specific analysis of construction key points and construction difficulties in order to provide a basis for the formulation of control measures.

Specific performance of the key and difficult points of the school's seismic reinforcement reconstruction

After understanding the general situation of the school and the current situation of earthquake resistance, specific analysis of construction key points and construction difficulties in order to provide a basis for the formulation of control measures. The key and difficult points of the school's seismic reinforcement and reconstruction construction are specifically manifested as the completion of the school building structure reconstruction and reinforcement within 90 days, the quality target, and the civilized construction target. The main body of the building construction must be based on the site investigation, and the construction focus and construction difficulty must be divided. Ensure the orderly progress of seismic reinforcement and reconstruction activities, and the final construction effect can meet the seismic reduction requirements

1) Construction focus

During the seismic construction of the project, due to the diversity of construction techniques, corresponding reinforcement plans should be formulated according to different types of techniques, and at the same time, the construction procedures of various types of work should be optimized. When the processes are synchronously constructed, there is a phenomenon of process crossover. Based on this, the relationship between the processes should be straightened out, and the processes, components, and floors should be coordinated. Improve the efficiency of seismic reduction and reinforcement as a whole, and ensure that the reinforcement and reconstruction tasks are completed within the specified time. When dealing with key construction content, the construction unit shall arrange corresponding construction tasks for employees of various departments and implement a responsibility system to avoid management disorder, chaotic construction, and shirk duties during the construction period. At the same time, communication, coordination and cooperation between different types of work should be strengthened, and procedures should be adjusted and construction plans formulated on the basis of negotiation. If each department works independently, the overall construction quality and construction speed cannot be guaranteed, and the final shock absorption effect is far from the expected requirements.

2) Construction difficulties

The seismic reinforcement of the project involves multiple disciplines, such as hydropower, demolition, civil engineering, and reinforcement. Therefore, it is inevitable that the project will be cross-operated, which increases the difficulty of project construction. In addition, the school has a large amount of construction and limited construction time. If you want to complete building reinforcement and renovation tasks within a limited time, construction personnel must actively cooperate. Work together to achieve the overall goal. At the same time, the leaders of the construction unit should pay more attention to it. Nowadays, the standards of steel structural components are gradually increasing, and the requirements for component production are correspondingly increased. Therefore, construction units should prepare equipment and introduce technology. In addition, the school construction site is limited, and construction activities will generate a certain amount of noise. Based on this, construction units should do a good job in safety education and publicity, start with details, and standardize construction behavior in all aspects.


When the school building's seismic reinforcement and renovation construction activities are carried out, the key points and difficulties of the construction are analyzed in detail. At the same time, feasible and reasonable control measures are formulated to ensure the safety and stability of the school building in all aspects. In addition, after the earthquake-resistant work of school buildings is completed, earthquake-resistant investigations and inspections should be carried out in a timely manner, so as to propose improvement suggestions for the deficiencies of the earthquake-absorbing construction, ensure the seismic performance of school buildings in all aspects, and provide good learning places for school personnel. The sustainable development of schools and the widespread promotion of earthquake-resistant measures have positive significance.

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