Application Of Carbon Fiber Reinforcement In Shopping Plaza Commercial Building

unidirectional carbon fiber fabric strengthening shopping buildings

beam strengthening with unidirectional carbon fiber fabric          beam strengthening with unidirectional carbon fiber fabric

Due to the changes in load caused by changes in business distribution of the commercial building of Lantian Bishui Shopping Plaza, it is necessary to strengthen the completed reinforced concrete structure. After technical and economic analysis, it was decided to use unidirectional carbon fiber fabric to reinforce the original reinforced concrete frame columns, frame beams, continuous beams, and floor slabs.

Reasons for using carbon fiber fabric reinforcement solutions

The cost of carbon fiber cloth reinforcement is similar to that of the general pasted steel plate method, but the carbon fiber reinforcement method is convenient and quick to construct, saves effort and time, and the construction process is simple, and the construction quality is easy to guarantee. It can be operated with small electric tools, unlike other reinforcement methods that require many types of work, a large amount of labor, large construction equipment and hoisting machinery. Therefore, it can be implemented in a limited work space where other reinforcement techniques cannot be constructed. Moreover, the progress is fast, the construction period is short, and it can be operated under continuous traffic vibration. This greatly shortens the time of project shutdown, suspension of operations or circuit breakage construction, greatly reduces economic losses, no wet work, no on-site fixed facilities, construction occupies less space, and has obvious advantages in terms of construction period and construction conditions. The carbon fiber reinforcement method has good reinforcement effect, high strength and high efficiency, wide application range, easy quality assurance, excellent corrosion resistance and durability. After the use of carbon fiber reinforcement and repair, the weight of the original structure and the size of the original components will not increase.

Carbon fiber cloth reinforcement has many advantages such as light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, good durability, and stable physical properties. Its tensile strength is 7-10 times that of steel with the same cross-section. The use of carbon fiber reinforced materials to repair and reinforce concrete structures is a new type of construction method developed recently. It works together with the concrete structure and uses the excellent tensile strength of carbon fiber materials to achieve the purpose of enhancing the bearing capacity and stiffness of the members.

This technology has many advantages, such as simple and quick construction, safe and reliable, good durability, can adapt to various complex structural shapes, and does not affect the appearance of the original structure. It has been effectively applied in the concrete structure reinforcement project of the commercial building of the Lantian Bishui Shopping Plaza, and has achieved good quality results, saving construction costs.

Introduction to Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Cloth Fabric

Carbon fiber yarn uses AN monomer (monomer) in refined oil to carbonize high-strength polyacrylonitrile (AcrylicFiber) at high temperature. The high-purity carbon crystalline fiber is carbon fiber (Carbon Fiber). The characteristics of the crystalline structure of atoms, it has very high strength, and generally forms carbon fiber reinforced plastic CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Piastic) with synthetic resin-based materials such as epoxy resin. Compared with traditional metal materials, carbon fiber reinforced plastics have the advantages of higher strength and elasticity, low thermal degeneration, and high fatigue strength.

Carbon fiber materials have the characteristics of high strength, high elastic modulus, light weight, good corrosion resistance, and quick and easy construction. Its tensile strength is much higher than ordinary steel, and its elastic modulus is equivalent to steel. It is a good reinforcement and repair material. The supporting tree refers to the bottom resin, leveling resin and bonding resin. The first two are used to improve the bonding quality of carbon fiber, while the latter is used to make carbon fiber and concrete form a composite whole and work together. Improve the flexural and shear bearing capacity of structural members to achieve the purpose of strengthening and reinforcing structural members.

slab strengthening with unidirectional carbon fiber fabric          beam strengthening with unidirectional carbon fiber fabric

Carbon fiber reinforcement process

Construction preparation

Concrete surface treatment

Defect repair

Apply primer

Paste carbon fiber



Specifications and performance indicators of carbon fiber materials

Laminate Fiber Typical Properties
Standrad Value of Tensile Strength3800MPa
Tensile Elastic Modulus234500MPa
With Concrete
Concrete Damaged: ≥2.5MPa
Norminal Fiber ThicknessHM-20 unidirectional carbon fiber fabric0.111mm(0.0044in.)
HM-23 unidirectional carbon fiber fabric0.128mm(0.0050in.)
HM-30 unidirectional carbon fiber fabric0.167mm(0.0065in.)
HM-45 unidirectional carbon fiber fabric0.251mm(0.0097in.)
HM-53unidirectional  carbon fiber fabric0.295mm(0.0114in.)
HM-60 unidirectional carbon fiber fabric0.333mm(0.0130in.)

Carbon fiber has excellent mechanical properties, chemical stability, light weight and high strength, convenient and fast construction, labor-saving and time-saving, simple construction process, easy construction quality assurance, fast progress, short construction period, and does not change the structural shape after reinforcement. Carbon fiber cloth reinforcement will have a wide range of applications without revealing reinforcement traces and low engineering cost.

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