Reinforcement of Shanghai Watergate Wharf

Reinforcement of Shanghai Watergate Wharf

Expo Watergate is designed to meet the needs of water transportation and tourism for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, and to promote the comprehensive development of both sides of the Huangpu River. According to the layout plan of the Huangpu River water tourism terminal and the site selection plan of the Watergate outside the Expo Park of Shanghai Municipal Government, the construction was carried out.



During the construction and use of Watergate wharf, there are some phenomena such as the bearing capacity of the original structure can not meet the current demand, cracks and bars in some concrete structures. If the Watergate wharf is allowed to develop, it will affect the safe operation of the wharf. Therefore, structural reinforcement is needed.

As an important transportation hub, wharf has a significant impact on human economic and political life. Therefore, the strengthening and maintenance of wharf is of great significance. The key to the renovation of the Watergate wharf is how to ensure that the wharf structure is strengthened in place, without hidden dangers, and meet the normal operation and later use of the wharf. The reinforcement method not only considers whether the structural strength such as bearing capacity meets the requirements, but also considers its durability. That is to say, in the tidal dry and wet environment, the cracks and bars in the wharf will accelerate the corrosion of steel bars and other adverse factors.

Based on the analysis of the original structure system of the Watergate wharf and the natural conditions such as water level, water flow and geology, the relevant parties have formulated a scientific and reasonable reinforcement scheme, and adopted the reinforcement of the Watergate wharf by sticking carbon fiber and planting steel bars. The new crack width greater than or equal to 0.2 mm is repaired by carbon fiber, and the epoxy grouting method is used for the crack width less than 0.2 mm.

Reinforcement time: January 2014

In terms of reinforcement materials, Shanghai Horse Carbon Fiber Cloth, Carbon Fiber Adhesive, Structural Pouring Adhesive and Reinforcement glue were selected.

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