Mall Structural Reinforcement And Renovation Project

Mall Structural Reinforcement And Renovation Project

The scope of this construction is from the negative fourth floor to the first floor structural reinforcement area of Xia Square. The content is planting steel bars, increasing concrete cross-section, concrete chiseling, cutting, etc.


Reinforcement reinforcement is a kind of connection technology for post-reinforcing steel reinforcement in the seismic reinforcement of building structures. It is the best choice for structural reinforcement reinforcement and heavy-load fastening applications.

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Enlarged cross-section reinforcement method

A direct reinforcement method to increase the cross-sectional area of the original member and add reinforcement to increase its bearing capacity and rigidity, or to change its natural frequency.

Through exquisite skills, careful analysis of the construction parts, accurate and comprehensive information is obtained, which lays a solid foundation for comprehensive structural transformation and reinforcement.

At the same time, in this construction work, improvements were made based on the existing structural framework to ensure the safety of the structure while ensuring the progress of the project.

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