Carbon fiber reinforced polymer(CFRP) for bridge strengthening

Fiber reinforced polymer(CFRP) fabric reinforced bridge members have the advantages of light weight, high strength, high elastic modulus, corrosion resistance, good durability and impact resistance.

2018-07-19 17:22:38

Construction operation of CFRP U shaped hoop

The CFRP U - shaped hoop is a U - shaped stirrup made of carbon fiber fabric. In order to fix the carbon fabric of the bottom of the beam and transfer the reliable force, when the CFRP is strengthened, the carbon fiber cloth U shaped hoop is often pasted, and the strip is not allowed only on the side of the beam.

2018-07-19 16:21:46

Prestressed FRP strip supporting bridge

In the field of bridge reinforcement, the new method of strengthening the prestressed FRP laminate​ is a very effective method, which can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

2018-07-18 16:35:01

Why prestressed FRP laminate is widely applied in bridge strengt

For the problems brought about by the strengthening of carbon fiber reinforced material, the reinforcement method of Prestressed CFRP laminate can be solved by applying a pre stress to the carbon fiber plate, and then anchoring it on the reinforced component.

2018-07-18 16:12:52

Strengthening columns with carbon fiber fabric

carbon fiber composite strengthening system comprises of unidirectional carbon fiber fabrics, primer, leveling,carbon fiber impregnating adhesive. These unique combinations provide a wide range of strengthening and retrofitting solutions to meet the many demands of different projects and applications.

2018-07-17 16:37:17

Application of direct reinforcement method for concrete

The direct reinforcement method:Enlargement section method; Displacement concrete method; Prestressed strengthening method; Externally bonded steel plate; Pasting steel plate method; Externally bonded FRP wrap

2018-07-16 16:30:04

Comparative analysis for bonded steel and FRP wrap

Nowadays, bonding steel plate reinforcement and FRP wrap reinforcement in concrete are often used in the reconstruction and reinforcement works of building structures, and the positions of bonding reinforcement are almost the same.

2018-07-13 17:30:59

Mechanism analysis of CFRP in concrete structure reinforcement

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer(CFRP) technology is widely used. It is suitable for the reinforcement and repair of various structural types and various structural parts, such as beams, plates, columns, roof frames, bridge piers, bridges, cylinders and shells, which require that the strength grade of the concrete at the base level is not less than C15.

2018-07-13 17:04:39

Beam, column, slab, wall strengthening

Beam, column, slab, wall strengthening by bonded carbon fiber fabric, increase the crack resistance or shear capacity of the structure, improve the strength, rigidity, crack resistance and elongation of the structure.

2018-07-12 17:25:49

Structural strengthening by adhesively bonded steel plate

Beam, column, slab, wall strengthening by adhesively bonded steel plate, steel plate and concrete form a unified whole, enhance the bearing capacity and stiffness of components.

2018-07-12 17:04:10

Comparative analysis of applicability of bonding CFRP and steel

Bonded CFRP and steel bonded reinforcement are bonded to the structure surface by resin cementing material, and form a whole force system with the structure to enhance the flexural or shear ability of the reinforced structure

2018-07-12 16:23:13

Reinforcement steel bar pull-out test

The tensile test of steel bar is the field test of the anchoring force. After 48-72 hours of rebar planting, the tension meter (Jack) can be used to carry out the drawing test of the reinforced bar.

2018-07-10 17:17:59

Precautions for the repair of concrete cracks

Before cracks are repaired, we need to measure the cracks first and choose the appropriate method according to the width of the cracks. When the crack width is less than 0.2mm, the crack repair glue is closed. When the crack width is in the 0.2mm~1.5mm, the crack injection adhesive should be injected into the fracture cavity with a certain pressure to strengthen and close the fracture cavity.

2018-07-10 15:40:16

Methods for insufficient load-bearing capacity of the machine ro

For buildings used for machine rooms or record room, there are special requirements for floor loadings, such as higher load design values than ordinary office buildings. Therefore, it is necessary for the ordinary housing to be transformed into a computer room or record room to use or extend the original machine room.

2018-07-09 17:32:14

How to test the construction quality of steel plate bonded

The method of steel encased steel reinforcement is necessary for strengthening the concrete beam and column structure that needs to increase the bearing capacity and seismic capacity of the section greatly.

2018-07-09 17:05:55

Reinforcement and reconstruction of reinforced concrete componen

Reinforced concrete members will exhibit certain deformation or damage after exceeding a certain number of years. Some buildings or structures are used beyond their own limit of use; some are due to poor quality of construction; in this situation, it is often difficult to demolish and rebuild due to the reasons for the quality or service life. To continue to use it, the construction needs to be reinforced, reinforced, reformed and repaired.

2018-07-05 18:47:13

Seismic retrofit methods of reinforced concrete structures

Seismic retrofit methods improve the strength of structure and component; improve the stability of structure and component; improve the stiffness of structure and component; improve the durability of structure and component.

2018-07-05 18:16:55

Reinforcement of cracks in reinforced concrete(RC) beams

Reinforcement of cracks in reinforced concrete(RC) beams: Surrounding concrete; Steel plate bonding strengthening; CFRP strengthening; Grouting.

2018-07-04 17:26:18

Reinforcement technology for quality defects of RC column

In addition to the reasons for the poor column quality caused by the above mentioned construction, in practical engineering, the loading capacity of reinforced concrete columns is often insufficient because of poor design and disaster (earthquake, fire, flood), or the increase of the load to the column due to the change of the structure's function. When these conditions occur, strengthening reinforced concrete columns is need .

2018-07-04 17:26:47

Strengthening of modern wood structure by FRP

There are also some problems in the modern wood structure, such as carrying capacity. Therefore, the fiber reinfroced polymer(FRP) material reinforcement method is put forward.

2018-07-03 18:35:31