Advanced composites in bridge construction and repair

The advanced composite materials have the advantages of corrosion resistance, light weight (1/5 to 1/4 of the bulk density of steel), high strength (the strength is higher than the high strength steel wire or the equivalent).

2018-07-17 18:50:40

Beam and column strengthening for change the building function

Strengthening reinforced concrete(RC) beams (1)Cross section of a cantilever beam (2)Sticking steel plate on top of the cantilever beam (3)Cross section of positive cross section beam (4)Inclined cross section of beam with carbon fiber reinforced wrap

2018-07-16 14:33:28

Industrial workshop seismatic retrofitting

Due to the increase of the bearing capacity of the roof and seismic strengthening, it is necessary to reinforce the frame beam and floor with carbon fiber fabric and steel plate.

2018-07-04 18:21:09

Disease analysis and reinforcement of existing steel mixed girde

The existing steel mixed girder bridge is insufficient or the load level is required to be raised, the strengthening method of prestressing or sticking carbon fiber fabric(CFRP) can be used

2018-07-04 18:04:27

Carbon fiber fabric reinforced brick masonry chimney

The cracks are first treated by grouting and sealing, so as to restore the integrity of cracked masonry, and then reinforce the treatment with carbon fiber fabric. After strengthening, it has been used for more than a year, and no new cracks have been found

2018-07-02 17:58:05

Disease and strengthening method of RC T-beam bridge

The maintenance and reinforcement of old RC T-beam bridges has the characteristics of short construction period and small investment, which can bring great economic and social benefits.

2018-06-19 16:18:31

Analysis and treatment of cracks in RC beams

Cracks and their expansion are the precursors of structural damage and collapse, and cracks reduce the bearing capacity of the structure. So structural strengthening system is needed.

2018-06-15 16:15:02

Retrofitting of Timber Beams in Historical Buildings

Many existing reinforcement methods can repair the beam to a certain extent, but have their limitations, and carbon fiber reinfroced polymer(CFRP) strengthening can be widely used in the reinforcement of the wooden beams of the ancient buildings because of their good repair effect and the features that have no influence on their appearance.

2018-06-13 17:00:19

Treatment measures for concrete cracks

Concrete crack​ is a common phenomenon in concrete structure. Its appearance will not only reduce the anti seepage ability of the building, affect the use function of the building, but also cause corrosion of steel bar, carbonization of concrete, reduce the durability of the material and influence the bearing capacity of the building, so it is necessary to enter the concrete crack.

2018-06-08 13:04:44

Load-bearing strengthening in the machine room

Now load-bearing strengthening method can be divided into: steel plate strengthening, FRP strengthening, the structural strengthening, the dismantling and strengthening of the load-bearing wall, and post installed anchor.

2018-06-08 11:35:52

Strengthening and Repair the Crack of Bridge

There are several structural strengthening system to deal with the cracks which have great damage to the structure, such as the steel plate bonding reinforcement, the carbon fiber fabric bonding reinforcement, the reinforcement of the beam body section size and the prestress FRP plate reinforcement method

2018-06-05 15:33:56

Bridge structural strengthening technology

There are mainly 5 structural strengthening technology to strengthening bridges. 1) strengthening the weak components; 2) add auxiliary components; 3) change the structure system; 4) reducing the constant load; 5) reinforcement of pier and abutment and foundation.

2018-05-30 15:51:36

Increasing Storey on Existing Buildings

Whether the existing building meets the conditions for the upgrading of the floor, it should be identified by the age of construction, the degree of damage, the structure, the importance of the building and the requirements of the use.

2018-05-15 16:42:25

Cause Analysis of Culvert Defects and Reinforcement Treatment

In the construction of highway engineering, in order to make the road smoothly pass through the canal without obstructing the traffic, the drainage channel (through the passage) under the roadbed is built under the subgrade. Through this structure, the water can flow through the underside of the road.

2018-05-07 17:58:44

The main method of bridge strengthening

Pasting steel plate; FRP composites strengthenig;Enlargement section;Replacement of main beam method; Strengthen the lateral contact of bridge deck;Imposing external prestress method

2018-05-04 12:03:29

Technology of bridge strengthening and retrofitting

Bridge strengthening is generally to restore or improve the bearing capacity of existing bridges by improving the strength of the components and improving the structural performance, so as to prolong the service life of the bridge and adapt to the requirements of modern transportation.

2018-04-16 16:16:01

External steel plate systems for reinforced concrete column beam

By the method of sticking steel plate for reinforced concrete columns: improving the compressive strength of concrete, and solving the bending moment and insufficient shearing resistance of columns.

2018-04-13 17:28:07

Seismic strengthening of RC structures with FRP materials

Carbon fiber reinforced materials: CFRP, carbon fiber adhesiive. I carbon fiber cloth: ultimate strength standard value of not less than 3400Mpa, elongation of not less than 1.7% square meters, 150-300g/m2 ​unidirectional carbon fiber fabric.

2018-03-29 14:35:39

Advantages of FRP composite bridges

FRP composite has the advantages of light weight, high strength and strong corrosion resistance, making it a substitute for steel and prestressed tendons in concrete bridges.With the decrease of the cost of the fiber composite industry, the scale of its application in bridge structural engineering will continue to expand.

2018-03-14 14:31:54

FRP composite strengthening system in bridge engineering

The bridge structure in the tension side with the reinforcement method of epoxy resin bonded CFRP materials, has simple construction, low cost of strengthening (instead of steel reinforcement can save money 25 %), does not reduce the clearance under the bridge reinforcement materials

2018-03-14 14:08:38