Beam and column strengthening by CFRP and steel plate

Strengthening beams: enlarging reinforced concrete beam section, strengthening with carbon fiber fabricand sticking steel reinforcement. Column reinforcement: bonded steel reinforcement, carbon fiber cloth reinforcement.

2018-07-20 16:27:09

CFRP U type hoop for strengthening

U type hoop is an important component of reducing the peeling damage of carbon fiber cloth and concrete base material, ensuring the joint force of carbon fiber cloth and concrete base material, and is a part of the reinforcement body of CFRP fabric​.

2018-07-20 15:49:18

Stress analysis of structural strengthening by FRP wrap

In bridge reinforcement projects, fiber reinfroced polymer(FRP) wrap is mainly to improve the flexural capacity of the component, the shear bearing capacity and the axial compressive bearing capacity of the compression member, and to improve the stiffness and ductility of the component, the crack width of the reinforced concrete member can be controlled.

2018-07-19 16:55:03

Introduction of HM prestressed FRP plate strengthening system

Since the HM prestressed CFRP plate reinforcement system has been successfully developed in 2012, it has been successfully applied to a number of practical engineering reinforcement, and has achieved good reinforcement effect and long-term stability.

2018-07-18 15:46:56

Unidirectional carbon fiber fabric manufaturer

Shanghai Horse Construction Co., Ltd is the largest supplier of carbon fiber cloth in the CFRP industry base in China.

2018-07-17 17:24:16

What is unidirectional carbon fiber fabric?

The unidirectional carbon fiber fabric is in one direction (usually meridian) with a large amount of carbon fiber, with only a small amount of carbon fiber in the other direction and usually thin carbon fibers in the other direction, so that all the strength of the cloth is in the same direction.

2018-07-17 16:12:03

Why choose HM carbon fiber fabric for structural strengthening

HM carbon fiber fabric adopts imported raw silk, equipment is also purchased from German equipment, more precision, so the woven carbon fiber fabric is reliable, and can better guarantee the safety of the building.

2018-07-16 16:48:49

Fire resistance of carbon fiber reinforced concrete members

Through the analysis of the fire-resistant properties of various parts, it is found that the original reinforced concrete part and carbon fiber fabric have good fire resistance, while the refractory performance of the adhesive is poor.

2018-07-11 15:32:10

Calculation of the dosage of rebar anchoring adhesive

According to the 10 years experience of post installed anchoring, there is a formula for the amount of HM-500 injectable anchoring adhesive​:

2018-07-10 16:50:31

Advantages of structural strengthening by carbon fiber fabric

Structural strengthening bycarbon fiber fabric is a new type of modern reinforcement technology, which occupies a large proportion in the reinforcement of reinforced concrete(RC) structures, and CFRP is becoming more and more popular 。.

2018-07-10 16:10:15

Applying carbon fiber impregnating adhesive for CFRP strengtheni

Evenly spread the well prepared impregnating adhesive on the bonding part. The carbon fiber fabric ​should be gently pressed and pasted in the position to be pasted according to the direction, position and order of the design.

2018-07-09 18:30:12

Fiber reinforced polymer(FRP) strengthening technology

Sticking FRP in the tensile area of concrete structure can effectively improve its bearing capacity and restrain crack propagation. The damage characteristics of the reinforced concrete structure after the FRP reinforcement are different from that of the ordinary concrete structure and the reinforced concrete structure, and the calculation method of its bearing capacity is different.

2018-07-03 18:11:58

Carbon fiber fabric for concrete structure strengthening

For general structure, carbon fiber fabric or precured carbon fiber plate can be selected according to the actual situation of the project. For long-span structures, heavy structures and other important structures, precured carbon fiber plate should be preferred and reinforcement measures should be taken.

2018-06-29 16:36:38

The application of carbon fiber fabric for strengthening

Carbon fiber fabric or structural strengthening, repairing and retrofitting of masonry, concrete, steel and wooden substrates.FRP composite strengthening of columns,beams,slabs,walls,piles,pier caps in building,bridge,highway,railway,tunnels,piers and civil airport.

2018-06-28 18:28:10

The characteristics of carbon fiber fabric for reinforced bridge

Simple construction, Adapt to different shape of component, No increase of the constant load and the size of the section, Effectively sealing cracks in concrete, No damage to the original structure, not affect the appearance of the structure, excellent chemical corrosion resistance

2018-06-27 15:40:17

Repairing concrete structures with fiber reinfroced polymer(FRP)

External bonded FRP reinforcement method; Embedded reinforcement method; Prestress FRP reinforcement method; Grid / grid reinforcement method

2018-06-25 16:29:54

Beam strengthening-Horse Constriction

Horse Construction structural strengthening system will provide more materials to strengthening the beam to meet the new requirements and safety.

2018-06-22 16:03:22

What is FRP composite strengthening system?

FRP composite strengthening system is applicable to strengthening of reinforced concrete(RC) under bending, axial compression, large eccentric compression, small eccentric compression and tensile members. It is not suitable for reinforcement of plain concrete members or members with minimum reinforcement ratio less than the current specification.

2018-06-12 18:10:16

What are problems can be solved by prestressed CFRP laminate

HM prestressed CFRP laminate not only improves crack stiffness and crack resistance, but also increases the bearing capacity beyond imagination.

2018-06-12 17:10:33

Difficulties and solution in prestressed FRP laminate strengthen

The key difficulty of the prestressed CFRP reinforcement technology is to solve the relationship between the anchorage and the carbon plate, the anchorage and the concrete. The HM prestress prestressed FRP plate not only makes up the defects of the CFRP, but also have more key features can solve more problem.

2018-06-12 10:28:52