Injection anchoring adhesive for rebar anchoring in concrete

The anchorage of the planted steel bar is reliable, and the anchorage performance requirement of the specification can be achieved. Simple technology, easy operation, short construction period, easy to ensure construction quality, good water and medium resistance。

Injection anchoring adhesive for rebar anchoring in concrete


The concrete structure has been used for about 150 years. Because of its good physical and mechanical properties and many other advantages of material sources, it occupies a leading position in civil structure engineering.

The repair and reinforcement work of concrete structure includes three aspects of daily maintenance, reinforcement and reconstruction. Because of the change of the function of the building, the extension of the service life or the design and construction, it is necessary to make the reinforcement of the new structure have reliable anchorage when the existing buildings need to be rebuilt, added and strengthened. Due to the constraints of design and construction technology, in order to meet the safety, applicability and durability requirements of new and old structures, when the traditional reinforcement technology is not suitable, the new structural reinforcement methods and reinforcement technology solve these problems. Planting bar technology is a special technology developed to meet the needs of new structural steel bar anchorage. Reinforcement planting technology first uses special drilling machine according to the design location, reinforcement (or to be fixed parts), determines the hole diameter and depth, after drilling, pours special high-strength bond, and then inserts reinforcement, so that the reinforcement can be reliably anchored in concrete structure.

Reinforcement method and reinforcement technology of concrete structure

There are many reinforcement methods for concrete structures. Appropriate methods and matching technologies can be selected in design and construction according to actual conditions and application requirements.

The reinforcement methods of concrete structures include enlarging the section of members, dismantling and replacing concrete, enclosing steel, increasing support reinforcement, evening prestressing reinforcement, sticking steel plate , sticking FRP, winding wire and anchoring bolt, etc.

The technologies used in the reinforcement and transformation of concrete structures include underpinning technology, rebar planting technology, crack repair technology, concrete carbonization protection technology, concrete surface treatment technology, concrete surface sealing technology and some other technologies (such as structure, component displacement technology, structural self-vibration frequency adjustment technology, etc.).

Rebar anchoring in concretetechnology


1.The anchorage of the planted steel bar is reliable, and the anchorage performance requirement of the specification can be achieved.

2.The adhesive joints of anchorage sites are uniformly stressed without stress concentration. The mechanical properties are ideal and easy to meet the requirements.

3.Simple technology, easy operation, short construction period, easy to ensure construction quality, good water and medium resistance

4.Materials have wide sources, low cost and good economic returns.


1.Anchorage rooting of reinforced concrete members in reinforced concrete structures during engineering reconstruction and expansion.

2.Remedy for missing location of reinforcement or reinforcement during design and construction.

3.The reinforcement is strengthened by strengthening the section. When the upper structure is spanning or jacking up, the beam and column will be lengthened. The building adds storey column and high-rise building adds shear wall planting bar.

4.The strength grade of base concrete is above C15. It is not suitable for the heavily weathered base structure and some lightweight structures.

process principle

The technological principle of this technology is to use special drilling machine to determine the diameter and depth of the hole according to the design position and the diameter of reinforcing bar. After drilling, special high strength bond is poured into the hole, and then the reinforcing bar to be anchored is inserted to make the reinforcing bar and concrete structure connect reliably.In order to ensure the connection between the old and new structures, so that the steel bars are not pulled out from the concrete to produce a larger slip, so that they can work together better with the concrete, it is required that the steel bars have good anchorage. The technology of planting steel bar is to produce bond stress between steel bar and concrete through the bonding of adhesives.

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