How to save the amount of adhesive for FRP strengthening?

When strengthening with FRP(fiber reinforced polymer composite), we should must to ensure good results, and also save cost. What should we do?

applying carbon fiber adhesive

applying carbon fiber laminate adhesive

Thickness requirements of carbon fiber adhesive for FRP strengthening(fiber reinforced polymer composites):

  1. fiber reinforced polymer composite: (1.5-0.5)--(1.5+0.5)mm

  2. precured FRP laminate:(2.0-0.3)--(2.0+0.3)mm

Horse Construction's bongding adhesive

1. the amount of the first layer of each carbon fiber fabric is 0.7-0.8kg, and the second layer is 0.60kg.

2. The amount of adhesive for each bonded steel plate is about 5-7kg.

3. The amount of adhesive for perfusion steel plate is about 5kg.

Horse Construction Recommended Products

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HM-180C3P Carbon Fiber Adhesive

Good impregnation carbon fiber adhesive for applying carbon fiber reinforced polymer(CFRP) wrap for structural strengthening

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HM-120 Steel Bonding Adhesive

Two-component epoxy modified epoxy structural strengthening adhesive for bonded steel plate to concrete

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HM-120M Steel Jacketing Adhesive

Modified epoxy resin structural perfusion adhesive, specifically for supporting adhesive bonded steel reinforcement

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