Shanghai Horse Participates In The Bridge Reinforcement Meeting

2021-07-27 16:33:49

Summary: Shanghai Horse attended the 3rd National Technical Conference on Safe Operation of Bridges in Service


From July 22 to July 24, the 2021 National Technical Conference on Safe Operation of Bridges in Service was held in Songjiang, Shanghai.

Shanghai HORSE Construction Technology Co., Ltd. attended the conference and opened a booth on the spot. Dr. Tan Cheng delivered a speech at the conference "Research on Application Technology of Bridge Prestressed Carbon Fiber Reinforcement" and had friendly exchanges with the leaders.


This conference was co-sponsored by the Bridge Engineering Department of the School of Civil Engineering of Tongji University and the Bridge Engineering and Technology Network, and the Guolian Cloud Bridge Live Broadcasting Platform was hosted by Beijing Guolian Video Information Technology Co., Ltd. The conference invited well-known experts and scholars in the field of bridges to give special lectures on the three aspects of "safety inspection and evaluation", "maintenance and reinforcement", and "health inspection and maintenance management". At the same time, new technologies, new products, new equipment and new materials in the bridge industry will be held to promote their promotion and application in the field of bridge safety.

In the report, Dr. Tan Cheng introduced the development history of Shanghai HORSE Company and the prestressed carbon fiber system, combined with a number of domestic and foreign reinforcement project examples, and deeply analyzed the experimental conditions and data comparison of various anchors. Won the praise of the guests present.

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At the HORSE booth, hot-selling products such as carbon fiber cloth, pre-stressed carbon fiber plate, mesh cloth, planting reinforcement glue, and steel glue were displayed one by one, attracting many guests to consult and watch.


The small handicrafts made by HORSE Labs, such as grid cloth sample cards and concrete models, were also very popular among the participants.