The price of carbon cloth is high? As a manufacturer, HORSE has something to say!

2021-07-13 15:27:48

Summary: The price of carbon cloth is high? As a manufacturer, HORSE has something to say!

The price of carbon cloth has skyrocketed in the past year, making the reinforcement industry market "turbulent". The construction costs of owners and general contractors have greatly increased. Projects have to be postponed or cancelled, and there are even cases where there is a budget but no supply. The reason is that the supply of carbon filament, the main raw material for carbon cloth, is in short supply, and the inventory of many carbon cloth manufacturers is in a state of "none of a trace".

horse carbon fiber

So, from the second half of last year to this moment, why has the price of carbon cloth remained high? According to the objective judgment of market conditions, there may be the following reasons:

1. The price of polyacrylonitrile, the main raw material, has risen, causing the production cost of carbon fiber precursor to rise;

2. The global shortage of containers has caused the logistics cost of carbon fiber to rise;

3. The development of the wind power industry has seen a surge in demand for carbon fiber, making the supply of carbon fiber raw materials in short supply;

4. Toray raises prices and reduces domestic imports;

5. The epidemic has hindered trade, global inflation and rising prices.


In this context, it can be said that whoever has carbon filament supply channels will take the initiative in the market. But on the other hand, the more turbulent the market is, the more likely it is that bad money drives out good money and overcharges.

Since its establishment in 2006, Shanghai HORSE Construction Technology Co., Ltd. has focused on the R&D, production, sales and service of concrete structure reinforcement materials such as carbon fiber composites and epoxy structural adhesives. Facing the difficulties encountered by the reinforcement material industry, HORSE has deployed the raw material market in advance and reached long-term strategic cooperation with high-quality carbon filament manufacturers. Under the premise of ensuring customer needs, it can better serve more reinforcement projects and help the industry get out of the predicament.

In addition, HORSE always adheres to the corporate value of "Integrity-based, Customer First", resolutely produces carbon cloth in accordance with high-standard processes, and eliminates the use of low-quality carbon filaments and other raw materials to ensure that HORSE products are always maintained at a super-class level.

Optimum carbon fiber cloth raw materials

Shanghai HORSE focuses on manufacturing the highest quality reinforcement materials, and the quality is implemented in every carbon filament: HORSE carbon fiber cloth uses imported aviation-grade 12k small tow carbon filaments. The 12k small tow makes the glue better infiltrate, the dispersion is small, and the tensile performance is stable. In addition, the length of the carbon filament monofilament of Shanghai HORSE Carbon Fiber Cloth is 5000 meters, and the finished carbon cloth is 100 meters per roll, which ensures that each roll of HORSE carbon cloth has no joints, thus ensuring the strength performance of the product.

Independent research and development of creel and constant tension system

First of all, Shanghai HORSE independently developed the creel to ensure the integrity of the imported aerospace-grade carbon filaments without damage during the conveying process.

Secondly, if the tension of each carbon wire is different during weaving, the force is uneven, then the finished product will be uneven. The constant tension system independently developed by Shanghai HORSE makes the tension of each carbon wire the same, the force is uniform, and the strength of each wire is exerted.

Introduce advanced German Dornier loom

The traditional knitting machine is a collision-type weft insertion thread, which is easy to wear the carbon wire, and the situation of missing weft and broken weft occurs, resulting in a wavy carbon cloth belly. Shanghai HORSE introduced 5 advanced German DORNIER looms for point-to-point positive weft insertion. After the weft thread is threaded, the warp thread is closed, and there will be no wear of the carbon wire and missing weft or weft break. At the same time, it solves the problem of big belly and wavy carbon fiber cloth. The whole process is intelligently controlled by a computer, and there is absolutely no shortage of weight.