Carbon Fiber Reinforced Huawei's World's Largest Flagship Store

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Huawei's World's Largest Flagship Store


Forever21 retired in 2019, ushering in the entry of Huawei's global flagship store.

After two years of preparation and construction, the design team retained the facade and original internal structure of the Nanjing Building. In order to protect the style and appearance, through rational retention, modification and dismantling, new materials and design concepts are used to build the first to third floors into a functionally complex Huawei store. It integrates sales, experience, display, reception, maintenance, and business.

There is a double-sided ultra-thin large screen at the bottom of the first floor, which, combined with the grand staircase in the atrium after transformation, becomes the core of the "urban living room". Bringing consumers a sense of freedom and "urban life"-style leisure exchanges, it also adds a "near-future sense" to this historic old building.


The implantation of large steps allows guests to reach the second floor space, which strengthens the concept of urban living room.

The newly added small stairs connecting 2-3 floors directly lead guests into the experience-focused three-story area.

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The outer space of each floor is mainly the product display area and the key customer experience area, and the customer service area is located near the atrium area. The logistics area is concentrated on the south side of the building.

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It not only retains the heritage and cherishment behind the building, but also continues Huawei's aesthetic design viewpoints, and eventually becomes a new landmark on Nanjing East Road.

In the case of Huawei's global flagship store reinforcement this time, methods such as carbon fiber cloth reinforcement, steel glue reinforcement, and infusion glue reinforcement were used, involving Horse Construction products such as carbon cloth, carbon glue, infusion glue, and steel glue.

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