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80% buildings entered decline period. The phenomenon of extended and sick service abound. Global Real estate industry saturation. Why is there no room for home? Hundreds of strong earthquakes hit the world every year, Structural damage, crumbling buildings. Global serious air pollution, All outside. It might be scarier to stay at home. Global architecture enters modern material application period. Where is the building repair road under the technology bombing?

Explosion Market needs is the general trend

Building reinforcement, changing people's living habits


No good material is a building-hardened mishap

Horse Building Reinforcement Material, with no better quality products, to prevent the collapse of buildings, prevent dangerous bridges from collapsing, more adaptable to the needs of modern reinforcement.


Horse Start the world Pace

Gorgeous Open market

Hot recruitment of Global Excellent agent

Only few seats, why not seize the opportunity?

Good reinforcement material, interpretation omnipotent

Increasing live load, structure can not bear

Frequent traffic, heavy, overloaded vehicles rolling, bridge overwhelmed

Increase of heavy machinery and equipment in industrial building

Vibration Structure

Slow down earthquake casualties, seismic reinforcement

Wind and rain erosion, building materials aging

Damages caused by the fire structure is serious

Explosive Impact Structural components

Remove wall or column, open floor hole

Architectural Design or construction defects

Everything you're looking for is possible.

Make consolidation more balanced

Six reinforcement system, comprehensive application, one-stop service more complete faster and more stable

Carbon Fiber System

Prestress Carbon Fiber System

Fixing System

Steel Bonding System

Crack Repair System

Bridge Bearing Pad System

Data is the best teacher

12 industry experience,  over 5,000 customers, reach the United States, Germany, Japan and other regions of the world more than 50 countries

More than 70,000 large-scale projects, such as the Kuwait Asia Olympics Council and the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria, endorse the Horse reinforcement products

Not only for us to accumulate a deep brand strength

It's a powerful backup support for Horse international market.

Brand strength of thousands of honors

One of the highest standards in the industry.

The industry's only brand of reinforcing materials through national testing standards.

The first to put forward the technology promotion model and successfully practise the reinforcement material brand.

China strengthens the material merchant Agent Hot Mode founder.

Eight promotional models Easy showmanship wait to collect money.

1)Design Institute Docking: Technical research, open sales channel through technology; 2)Conference Marketing: Technical Exchange to promote industry development; 3)Exhibition Marketing: Establish the brand image, and explore potential customers; 4)Strengthening company: Most direct Sales Object; 5)Projects: Run the site and sell the products; 6)Online Marketing: Quickly accumulate customers, play interactive marketing; 7)Team Marketing: Unity is strength; 8)Cross-border channels: Cross-border often sees greater hope.

Four support advantages to start a business without worry

1)Brand Support: China's first brand of reinforcing materials, strong brand strength.

2)Technical support: Super strong technical Engineer team, professional technical guidance, no worries.

3)Training support: For startups in the short board, divide and conquer, let you quickly grasp the secrets of terminal success.

4)Supply support: Inventory dispensable, reduce entrepreneurial risk.

Entrepreneurial stories

Don't make it so hard to think about it.

The amazing stories of these startups are all around us.

Because it's a Horse, it makes more money.

Join conditions

A forward-looking business philosophy

Recognition of Horse’s brand concept, development model and future planning.

Joining process

Join Advisory

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More great cause than profession

Everywhere, to sit on the peak

Own factory, 4 large storage Center, the sky, the sea corner, cover areas you can imagin

China shanghai: Reinforcement Material Production headquarters

China Beijing: Center covering the eastern three provinces

Chengdu: Large storage Base

Guangzhou: Southern Division

Project case

Shanghai Horse Since its inception, the annual sales of similar products, its excellent quality has won the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Shanghai Center, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed bridge and many other reinforcement projects affirmed.

Refuse to make money, why?

The next profit Tuyere is right here!

One hand, all of it.

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