Horse Construction, you choose us today, or you chase us someday

2017-10-09 17:03:07

Summary: HORSE Construction

You heard a lot Horse Construction but never have a contact.


You are always on the way looking for the structural strengthening materials.

We succeed to be the TOP1 step by step from nothing.

We remove to our new office from the old one.

We treat here as our own house, we decorate our office environment like, we work together, we get stronger.


2016, our ten years celebration party, 3650days, we thanks with grateful, thanks all to be together, 3650days, we witness how we to be the top1, we experience the whole thing, we take our dreams and responsibility, we aim to be the global first one. We all do it together.



We carry out the field activity, we are a team.

We meet with our foreign clients

We attend the international exhibition

 No matter how the time changed

We just stay here

With our dreams and responsibility


Now, Horse Construction keep going on step forward,


There will be someday, Horse construction will be known by very one of the industry.


Maybe you have doubts; you are standoffish to us now.

And you just don't want to choose us,

But tomorrow, if you will find us and tell us you want to our partner.


Don’t hesitate any more,

You choose us

You choose the future.